Thick, Fine Grids and Sieves

They are physical elements that prevent the passage of solids of certain sizes downstream of the process. Any purification system, whether municipal or industrial, requires a treatment system such as this to avoid clogging of mechanical equipment, deposits in diffusers or pipes, corrosion of materials, etc.

According to the pitch of solids that allow may be thick bars (12 – 30 mm), thin bars (12 – 6 mm) or sieves (≤ 6 mm). They can also be stainless steel or carbon steel depending on the application. Automatic cleaning equipment is more effective and requires considerably less need for operation. There are different configurations according to the needs of each plant. They can be installed in channels, pumping wells, on the surface, inclined, etc. Rotary screens are used in the industry for the removal of fine solids prior to arrival at the treatment plant.

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Rejas gruesas, finas y tamices 6