Activated Carbon Filters

The applications of importance are the removal of color, taste and smell in drinking water or other organic or inorganic substances that may be contained in it; but it is also used in industry, in the purification of air and gases, etc.

The activated carbons can be used in various forms: powder, granulate or currently also in fibrous form.  Powdered activated carbons (CAP) generally have a particle diameter of the order of 44 micrometers, which gives a rapid adsorption, but are difficult to handle in fixed beds, generate higher load losses and are difficult to regenerate.  For its part, in its granulated form (CAG), the particle diameters are from 0.6 to 4 mm, they are hard, resistant to abrasion, relatively denser, generate lower pressure loss, and can be regenerated by using steam.  Activated carbon fibers (CAF) are expensive materials for water treatment, but have the advantage of being easily molded to the shape of the adsorption matrix and produce very low head loss.

For more technical information on the activated carbon adsorption process please refer to adsorption by activated carbon.