Float Air® Fine Bubble Floting Air Systems

float-air-3FloatAir® aeration system is ideal for those uses where there is no need of emptying the lagoon or biologic reactor for maintenance works to the diffusers. Besides, they are widely used in lined lagoons where it is particularly important not to touch the HDPE membrane with any object in orden to avoid breakages and filtrations to the groundwater.

FloatAir® movile chains aeration system is a technology of fine bubble floating diffuser. It is comprised of a flotation unit, a HDPE hose and a diffuser unit that is suspended in  mixed liquor by 1’’ hoses attached to the main floating hose.
Diffuser unit has a length of 1800 mm and a width of 500 mm. It has the proper                                                                        weight to maintain itself suspended at the bottom of the lagoon and not to float
to the surface. Two or four diffusers can be installed in each device as needed.                                                                           Usually, at factories float-air-1or communities where future enlargements are expected,
two diffusers are installed to complete the other two remaining diffusers at the time of load increase.  Membranes of the diffusers are made of silicone, special for this application having great mechanical strength for expansion and  contraction without changing the size of the pore. These are secured to the diffuser by AISI 304 clamps.  The diffuser and all the screws are made of special polypropylene.   Hoses or floating distribution “chains” are of HDPE, with diameters according to each use. An insulation butterfly valve must be put between each hose and the air distribution pipe to perform maintenance works or to create an  anoxic or anaerobic area for biological nutrient removal.

MecanismoAeration system design can be customised for each use. This design should allow the chains to move from left to right in order to cover the entire surface of the reactor and creating thus an aeration uniform pattern. The swinging motion made by each aeration system occurs naturally by the air pressure coming from the blowers.Each floating hose is attached to a stainless steel chain to control its tension in order to regulate the range of movement, ensuring that there is no contact among mechanisms.

Total friction loss is composed of:

  • Diffuser membrane
  • Piping
  • Side water depth

Usually, this friction loss can be from 300 mm to 600 mm.