Fix Air® Fixed and Grid Aeration Systems

FixAir® aeration systems are strong and highly efficient to be installed in reinforced concrete aeration chambers.


Systems are comprised of disc or tubular fine bubble diffusers. They can be installed in fixed or removable grids according to the need of each client. Each diffuser has a check valve to prevent sludge from entering the aeration system.

Membranes are of HDPE and have microperforations made by precision dies.


High efficiency in oxygen transfer: these microperforations dissipate extremely fine air bubbles uniformingly, for an optimal oxygen transfer.

Long service life, low maintenance: the great resilience and strength to degradation of the HDPE contribute to a long service life exceeding five years.

Operative efficiency: the shape of the membrane, the integrated o-ring and threaded holding ring in the top joint prevent air leakage.  Thereby energy consumption is reduced and operating efficiency increases.

Great flexible application: an integrated check valve, highly effective, enables the closure of aeration zones in the applications with air connection and disconnection.